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Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions set forth below in themselves constitute all the terms of the contract between the customer and MOONKEYS, As part of an order received on the website . Making an order on the website constitutes consent on the part of the customer to contact MOONKEYS In accordance with these terms .


As part of an inviting contract with MOONKEYSBy virtue of orders on the Site , will be used MOONKEYS Travel agent of the client , and give him a " travel agency services ", as defined in Article 1 of the Law of tourism services , Law " and -1976.

As such , you will be used MOONKEYS In practice , as an intermediary between the customer and parallel travel agency service providers or the tourism service providers themselves , such as : flight providers , various ground services , accommodation and accommodation services , transportation , special services, etc. , depending on the order made ( hereinafter - "the various providers ")

In practice , none of the services offered on the site are provided by MOONKEYS Or on its behalf , and all are invited and purchased from the various suppliers , and they or those on their behalf will provide the services directly to the customer .

As a " travel agency " MOONKEYS Book for the customer the travel services from the various service providers in accordance with the details specified in his booking . MOONKEYS Undertakes to perform the order skillfully , provide the service providers with the relevant information for the transaction and verify the suitability of the order to the requested , but will not be responsible for unforeseen and / or unforeseen disruptions , if applied to the service providers , unless she knew or should have known in advance / Or a real disruption .

The booking of travel services by the service providers is made subject to their availability and in accordance with the information provided by the service providers , information known to- MOONKEYS Or information she needed to know .

The general terms and conditions and all texts on the site are sometimes worded in masculine for convenience only , however they are intended for both men and women .

Contracting with MOOKEYS As part of the order

Making an order on the website means sending a request to MOONKEYS Place an order for the product requested by the customer with the various suppliers , in accordance with the terms of each order with the supplier , including the transfer of the order money to the various suppliers in accordance with these terms and requirements .

It should be mentioned explicitly , that any order forMOONKEYS Here is a conditional order , which is the order confirmation with the supplier from whom the ordered services were ordered for the customer , and therefore does not require theMOONKEYS Until the date of receipt of this approval and its delivery to the customer , in any matter . Accordingly , an order received on the Site is here in the power of " Request for Order ", and will not bind theMOONKEYS Any intents and purposes to be delivered to the customer from a separate confirmation message -MOONKEYS, In writing or by telephone . The customer has no right towards meMOONKEYS Relating to the services ordered before receiving confirmation of their order from the supplier .

We announce hereby expressly , that orders may require fromMOONKEYS, Prior to ordering , a written copy of the general terms and conditions and the essential information of the service provider from which he will purchase the service in which he is interested , through a written request .

Making an order on the website refers to the delivery of the products included in the order only , and is not related to , dependent on or refers to any additional paid service that is possible on the basis of the order itself .

Services for which final approval is given at the time of ordering or within the period of time allotted for the approval of the service providers their final price . It is hereby clarified that until final approval is obtained, the price may vary at the request of the service providers , and that in the event of such a change the customer will be given the option to cancel the order without charge . To the extent that there is a change in law in the rate of port taxes , security levies and / or any other tax or levy applicable to the customer from the date of the order until the day the services are provided, the difference resulting from the change in these components will be paid to the customer orMOONKEYS, As the case may be .

All information appearing on the site about the services offered is based entirely on the information received about them from their various providers . responsibilityMOONKEYS This information is limited to the fact that it originates from the providers or service providers who offer it for sale , and to the fact that it was given to the customer in full .

By virtue of making the order , the customer grants toMOONKEYS All the permissions required on his behalf to act and bind him in any contractual relationship with the various service providers , where this connection is required directly between them .

The customer's attention is hereby expressly refers to the fact , that all orders may require fromMOONKEYS, Prior to ordering , a written copy of the general conditions and material information of the service provider from which the service in which he is interested will be purchased , through a written request . These conditions can and will be directly binding on the customer himself .

Making an order on the website refers to the delivery of the products included in the order only , and is not related to , dependent on or refers to any additional paid service that is possible on the basis of the order itself .

Ordering one product on the site is not dependent on and not related to ordering another product in the same order or a separate order , unless the products were initially sold as one piece . Booking a site is not affiliated with and does not address any other invitation nothing , unless expressly noted in the Invitation .

In a product that combines a number of services , such as : vacation packages and organized trips , the provisions applicable to it under the general terms and conditions of this warranty will apply jointly to each service incorporated within the product .

Explicitly clarified , thatMOONKEYS Will not be responsible for delivery of services to poor practice , or because of problems related to suppliers and / or service providers themselves , or because of problems unrelated to them , such as : strikes , bad weather , unexpected problems , holidays and festivals, and the like .

The services offered on the site do not include insurance of any kind .MOONKEYS You will not bear any damage caused to the customer as a result of consuming the services . It is advisable for the customer to purchase in addition to the tourist services medical insurance , which can cover cases of cancellation of travel due to medical or other reasons , as well as luggage insurance .

All images appearing on the site are for illustration purposes only , and should not be relied upon .

It is mandatory for the client to leave it in my hands MOONKEYS Telephone number for messaging emergencies , every time his stay abroad " for . To ensure that customer calls this phone number when necessary answer .

The exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any matter related to or deriving from the contract between the client and MOONKEYS There will be courts in Tel Aviv only . The statute of limitations for such claims be limited to two years from the date of booking , in accordance with Article 19 of the law of limitation , Law, " H - 1958.

Medications and vaccines

Check the need for medications and vaccines in the countries you visit . It is recommended to contact the Ministry of Health or one of the medical centers that specialize in the subject .


Booking a hotel room offered for sale on the website is one of the most common room types found in a hotel , for the most basic category . Unless expressly stated otherwise on the website and in the travel documents , each booked room will be of the said type only , even if it is intended for a stay of more than two people . In rooms designed to accommodate more than two people , the extra stay is usually spent on folding beds .

The booking of a guest to a hotel room will be carried out at the sole discretion of the hotel , as determined in real time .MOONKEYS Can not commit to a specific type of room , Wing particular , specific structure or a specific location .

The responsibility for the arrangement of the rooms in the hotel and / or the correctness of the facilities and / or service in the hotel, including the air conditioning system, is the sole responsibility of the hotel and / or the service provider .

In case of special request the passenger will take care MOONKEYS Transfer the request to the service provider or hotel , but there will be no obligation on the part of the customer to fulfill it , unless he has been confirmed in writing that his request is valid . When a special request included in the order relates to essential requirements for the customer due to his unique needs will be examinedMOONKEYS In front of the service provider whether it is possible to fulfill his request , and will give notice of the results of its inspection to the customer before the final approval of the order . A unique need will only be one that is explicitly listed on the order confirmation form or in the order documents immediately upon execution , even before it is submitted to the supplier for approval . Meanwhile , special services for the disabled will be provided only if approved in the first place and explicitly stated in the booking documents .

In case of booking more than one room within the same reservation there is no obligation on behalf of MOONKEYS To the proximity of the rooms .

The ratings of the hotels offered on the website are taken directly from the various providers , and rely on them completely . The actual determining hotel rating is the one that appears in the hotel's official publications .

Rooms at the entrance to the country and abroad " to is starting at 16:00 and leaving them to it until 11:00 noon , regardless of the flight schedule . Notwithstanding the above , Israel Hotel entrance on Saturday will only end of the Sabbath .

In hotels and various accommodation and accommodation service providers in Israel and around the world, there are often cases of over-registration , in which the hotel or provider of accommodation services is not allowed to provide the service ordered even though it has been approved . In accordance with their established procedure for such cases , when the customer arrives in the destination country , in case of over-registration , the service providers may transfer him to an exchange hotel at a similar or higher level located in the vicinity of the booked hotel . This provision does not derogate from your right to claim compensation , or any other remedy , for damages that will be caused to you by such a transfer guarantee , insofar as it exists .

Interpretation of basic accommodation in the hotels offered on the website :

  • BB( Bed and Breakfast ) - Continental breakfast / buffet only .
  • Improving the services, products and content offered to the site's surfers and customers
  • HB( Half board ) - Breakfast and another hot meal , according to the hotel's choice , usually dinner .
  • FB( Full board ) - three meals .
  • AI( All inclusive ) - three meals , plus soft drinks and extras (" extras ") at the discretion of the hotel which changes from time to time , not necessarily all the extras the hotel offers at that time .

Some of the services offered by the various hotels are seasonal and do not operate all year round . The management of the hotels has discretion regarding the dates of the actual operation of the various services , including the air conditioning , or the cessation of their activities due to a malfunction or for maintenance , even without prior notice .MOONKEYS Will not be liable for complaints if one of the services was inactive , unless it provided the customer with misleading information in this matter or refrained from providing information or conducting an inquiry even though it was requested to do so by the customer . Request clarification as stated will be transferred to -MOONKEYS Only when ordering .

Please note , some cities a local tax imposed on tourists who spend the night in hotels in the city . The amount of the tax is derived from the level of the hotel and is paid according to the number of nights and the tax can not be collected on site except by direct payment at the hotel . The said tax is not included in the transaction price .

MOONKEYS Is not responsible in the event of a nuisance due to renovations and / or construction at or near the hotel , provided that it provided the customer when making the reservation with any information she knew or should have known about such nuisance .

MOONKEYS Does not undertake to provide any service in the hotel as included in the booking price , unless the service is explicitly registered on the website and in the booking documents , nor does it undertake to provide a service price that is not included as stated .

Some hotels charge for a baby cot , which will be charged directly to the hotel .

Payment and billing

The customer's credit card will be charged in foreign currency according to its value in shekels in accordance with the rate of transfers and checks of the Bank of Israel at the time of billing .

The prices on the website are valid for orders made through it only . By Phone added fee of 20 US dollars " in foreign tourism " to , and -50 that " millions of domestic tourism , in accordance with the ordered product .

Any fee required from the customer for payment by credit card will apply to the customer .

It is expressly clarified that the customer's obligation to pay for the order is independent of anything , including the credit company's approval to charge the customer's credit card in general or in the requested manner , and the ability to charge the credit card in general or in the requested manner is not a condition of the customer.MOONKEYS By virtue of the order .

The prices of the services offered on the site and the number of available places in them are taken directly in real time from the various providers , and change frequently . The determining order price is the price at the time of ordering , subject to its approval by the various service providers .

Cancellation , refund and credit

All orders are subject to change or cancellation fees from the moment the order is placed . In accordance with the rates required byMOONKEYS And / or the various suppliers , which vary from product to product , as stated in the order details , and subject to what is stated below .

Orders executed through the website and / or otherwise defined as " remote sales transactions " ( as stated in the Consumer Protection Law , Law " A - 1981 ( hereinafter -" the Law "), be canceled within 14 days of making the reservation or the date of receipt details The transaction - whichever is later , provided that the date of cancellation of the transaction is over 7 days which are not rest days from the date on which the service was to be provided .

A consumer who is a person with a disability , a senior citizen ( from the age of 65) or a new immigrant , is entitled to cancel the transaction within 4 months , provided that the engagement in the transaction included a conversation betweenMOONKEYS And consumer ( including a call made by e-mail " to ), and the date of cancellation of the transaction is more than 7 working days , from the date on which the service was to be provided .

Reversing a transaction should be implemented and measures enumerated in the Consumer Protection Law , Law " A -1981 and will be subject to cancellation fees as stated in the law and detailed terms and conditions , as applicable .

The cancellation notice can be delivered via :

  • 1. By calling 052-4687677 at the customer service department .
  • 2. to email " to addresssupport@moon-keys.com
  • 3. On the website in the transaction cancellation form

The cancellation notice must state the name of the passenger in the reservation ( in English ) and the identity card of the payer on the credit card . We recommend you keep taxes , telephone and / or tax ' invitation , for the purpose of clarification .

MOONKEYS Passenger reply within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice his money , less a 5% order value or 100 Q " H traveler , according to whichever is less .

In certain circumstances and cases , including a defect or inconsistency between the service and the details provided to the consumer , it may be possible to cancel a transaction beyond the period prescribed by law and the consumer will be entitled to a refund without cancellation fee .

Cancellation of a distance selling transaction for the purchase of tourism services that are fully provided outside Israel -

On February 6 , 19 , an amendment to the Consumer Protection Law came into force regarding the cancellation of a distance selling transaction for the purchase of tourism services that are fully provided outside Israel (for example - hotel accommodation , a ticket for a show, etc. ).

According to " the amendment , mayMOONKEYS Offer consumers the same services according to the service provider's cancellation policy ( which will override the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act , even if it stipulates that the consumer will not have a right of cancellation , similar to international websites ).

For all orders that do not fall under the provisions of the law and for which no specific cancellation fee is specified in the order documents , the cancellation fee will be at the full rate (100%), and cancellation of an order will not entitle you to any refund .

Besides , all cancellation fees in accordance with the provisions of this chapter , except for cancellation under the law , will be considered as liquidated in accordance with the provisions of Section 15 of the Contracts Act ( drugs ), Law " A -1971.

Changing any of the order details , including the orderer's identity , details and method of payment or the products ordered after the order process is completed , involves paying a change fee to -MOONKEYS .

It is clarified that the said summary is presented for convenience only , that it does not derogate from the provisions of the law and that the full wording of the law is binding .