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Privacy and data security
Privacy Policy And information security

site MOOKEYS Is a site for purchasing products and services in the fields of leisure , tourism and online recreation . As someone who is in charge of maintaining the privacy of the surfers who use our site , we have developed a strict and detailed policy aimed at maintaining the privacy of the customer who surfs and buys on the site.MOOKEYS.

The purpose of this policy is to arrange and explain the practices and rules of the company with regard to the privacy of users and customers on site , and in what way our society uses this information , provided to it - by customers and users or collected by the company when using the site . The following is a breakdown and explanation of the company's policy on this issue :

information gathering

While using the various site services, information is accumulated about the surfers and buyers . Some of the information you are browsing the customers hand over voluntarily , identifies you personally , your name and address listed for you , by " the products and services you purchased , or through the means of payment used you on the site . Another part of the information does not identify you personally and is not saved together with the details of this or you submitted . This is general information and cumulative statistical database records . For example , advertisements randomly reading the site , which pages they watched on the site , offers and services that interests you , the web address (IP) From which you contacted us and more .

Voluntary registration

Where personal details are required when registering for the various services of the site , or when purchasing a product on the site , the site system will ask you in a clear and unambiguous manner , information necessary for completing the purchase / ordering process and providing the products and services .

Where personal details are required when registering for the various services of the site , or when purchasing a product on the site , the site system will ask you in a clear and unambiguous manner , information necessary for completing the purchase / ordering process and providing the products and services .

Information storage

The data collected on the site is stored in our company's secure databases . The law does not require you to provide this information , and yet failure to provide the information will prevent you, the surfing customer, from using some of the site's services and products .

The use of information

The information collected will be used in accordance with the rules of our privacy policy , or in accordance with the provisions of any law , due to the need to enable the following ongoing activities :

  • Use of the various site services
  • Improving the services, products and content offered to the site's surfers and customers
  • Allow the creation of personal and safe areas on the site
  • For the purposes of operating , modifying or editing and canceling services, existing content and products
  • Allow the purchase of services and products on the site To purchase products and services on the site
  • In order to enable the publication of product information and content
  • Adjust the ads, images and products displayed on the site according to your areas of interest
  • The information collected that will be used by the company is mainly statistical information , and does not personally identify the surfers on the site
Direct e-mail

As users of our website, we assume that you will want us to send you from time to time by e-mail some information about the company's services and products , as well as marketing and advertising information relevant to the company's activities .

Sign up for our website and / or for " hottest deals our " and / or to the " Contact Us " and other modules on our website , constitute consent and approval of the company to send you occasional e-mail information and information regarding the company's services as well as marketing and advertising - whether it's information that the company itself will publish And whether it be information that the company receives from other advertisers for delivery . You can ask us at any time to stop sending you such information .

Our company will not provide your personal information to advertisers and other unauthorized third parties .

Providing information to another party

The company will not transfer to a third party your personal details and information collected regarding your activity on the site , except in the cases listed below :

Information required to complete the purchase process , if you purchase third-party services and products offered for sale on our site .

If you take part in third-party content activities , or in joint activities for a third party and the company displayed on the site

In any case of legal dispute , claim , suit , demand or any legal proceeding , if any , between you and the Company and which will require the disclosure of these details

In the event that you perform actions on the site that are illegal and / or deemed to be illegal and / or in the case of an attempt to perform such actions , in these cases and / or in violation of the terms and conditions of use of our site

In the event that a court order is received instructing the company to provide your details or information about you to a third party

In any case in which the company considers , that providing the information would be necessary to prevent serious damage to person or property of any other factor

The Company may transfer the information and data collected following the use've done on the site to other companies belonging to the group of Yediot Aharonot , provided that these companies will use such information - in accordance with its privacy policy of our website

In the event that the Company organizes its Internet activities within another corporation - and in the event that the Company merges with another entity or merges its Internet activities with the activities of a third party - the Company will be entitled to provide the new Corporation with a copy of the information and records stored on our website or any other statistical information. Company , provided that this corporation assumes all the provisions of our company's privacy policy towards you .

In the event that the company sells or transfers in any way its activities and the activities of the site to another corporation - and in the event that it merges with another body and company or merges the activities of the site with the activities of a third party , provided that this corporation accepts the provisions of our company's privacy policy.


Our site uses " cookies " (Cookies) For the purpose of its activity, its regular proper operation , including in order to collect data and statistical information about the use of the various parts of the site , to verify details , in order to adapt the site to your personal preferences and for security and information security purposes .

Different browsers include the option to avoid receiving Cookies. If you do not know how to do this , check the help file of the browsers you are using .

Third party services

Some of the services provided on the site , such as subscription registration are managed by content and trading partners of our company . These services are provided and transmitted from the computers of the same parties and not from the computers of our company's website . During your use of these services, you may be asked to provide your personal information , or information may be collected about you . Any use of this information will be subject to the privacy policies of these service managers and not to the privacy policies of our company's website , and therefore it is recommended that you also review their privacy policy practices .

Third party advertisements

Our company allows other additional companies to manage the array of advertisements on our site . The ads you see when you visit our sites come from the computers of those companies . In order to manage their advertisements , these companies postCookies On your computer . E -Cookies Allow these companies regarding the advertisements and products you have viewed , regarding the advertisements you clicked on during your stay on the site . Any use that these companies make of -Cookies Will be subject to the privacy policies of these companies and not to the privacy policies of our company .

You use remarketing through Google Analytics To advertise online . Third party vendors , inclGoogle, May show your ads on sites across the web . You and third party suppliers , includingGoogle, Using filescookie Of first party ( such as filecookie of Google Analytics) And in filescookie Of a third party ( such as a filecookie of DoubleClick) Together , to inform , optimize and display ads based on a person's previous visits to your site .

Data Security

Our company implements up-to-date and modern procedures and systems for information security on its websites . Although procedures and systems reduce the risk of penetration into non - licensed , they can not provide absolute security . Therefore , our company does not guarantee that its services will be immune hermetically and absolute security against intrusion and non - licensed collected information stored therein .

Right to review information

On - according to Privacy Law , Law " A - 1981, all persons are entitled to and may inspect information collected on him and held databases . Adam spring collected information about him and found that the information is not correct , incomplete , unclear or updated , may contact the owners of databases Please correct the information needed to repair or delete it . appeal in this matter should be directed to support@moon-keys.com In addition , if the information in the database of the company used for personal appeals to you , you are entitled - according to Privacy Law , Law " A - 1981 demand in writing that the information relating to you deleted from the database .

Changes to Privacy Policy

In any case in which the Company makes changes to this policy , material changes in the instructions regarding the use of the personal information you have provided , you will publish a notice on the home page of our website .

For your safety and peace of mind , the reservations are made on the siteMOONKEYS Abroad " and in Israel are conducted in a secure way on a secure server .

We are in MOONKEYS Security guards

The purchase operations on our site are performed on a secure server in the most stringent standards , in the standardTLS - Transport Layer Security, Is a security protocol designed to protect all data sent between your computer browsers and the web server on which our systems are stored . This is an encrypted process in which the information flowing from the surfers to his website and back comes to ensure the confidentiality of the data traffic . Millions of secure buying and purchasing operations are performed using this method at any given moment on the Internet .

We are in MOONKEYS Commit

We make sure to use the information received solely for the use and needs of the ordering process performed by you , in order to provide you with the services involved in your order . We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information , we are committed not to make use or abuse of any kind in the registered information , but only for the purpose of your orders on our site , and this while providing an efficient, reliable and fast service for the benefit of our customers .

Important to us

We are committed to all the rules of decency and ethics , we undertake not to do any abuse Your email address , to any purpose that involves and serves the purchase process on our Website , we commit ourselves not to pass this information to any third party unrelated to your order on our website , except where given us Explicit and written permission , in accordance with all the rules of ethics and the conditions for storing the information, its protection and security as stated in our privacy policy and service agreement .

For more information on this topic, please contact the staff MOONKEYS By email support@moon-keys.com